Born in 1963 in Rheine Germany.


Ph.D. in Biochemistry.

Work experience

1989 - 1993:
Research Associate at the Institute of Biochemistry in Münster.
1993 - 1993:
BASF Lacquer & Colours Inc., Coil Coating Test laboratory, Chemical and Physical Analytics and Characterisation of Paints and Varnish.
1993 - 1997:
Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research (Ministry of International Trade and Industry, MITI), in Tsukuba, Japan.
1997 - 2000:
Establishment of the Asia-Europe Trading & Consulting for various clients from the medical-biotechnology area.
2000 - 2003:
Head of R&D, Production and QA at Easyway AG, Mohnheim, Germany.
2003 - 2004:
Vice President of Sangui AG und Responsible for Business Development.
2005 - 2010:
Area Manager for the Asia - Pacific Region, BRAHMS AG (part of Thermofisher Scientific).
2010 – present:
Foundation of DMB-Consult and DMB-Diagnostics GmbH, Medical Sales & Marketing for Asia and Europe.

Voluntary work

1994 - 1997:
President of the Gaijin-Sumo-Society, Tsukuba, Japan.
1995 - 1997:
Board Member of the European Researcher Association (SDSK) in Tokyo, Japan.
Since 2003:
Member of the German-Japanese Industrial Cooperation Committee (DJW).
Since 2006:
Member of the Committee of External Economic Relations of the IHK in Potsdam, Germany.

Other skills


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